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The latest release of Barbara M. Lantz... Soul On Fire!

Her passionate request oozed from her ethereal layers. Sarah was a hot-blooded woman. Her deep love of sexual pleasures was well known amongst the European elite. Maurice’s father was one who ate heartily from the depths of her carnal orchards. One to love was in fact a tall order for the part in this play. Sarah’s play… Sarah’s GRAND play. One that was about to stretch out into the realms of death. Her fear began to overcome her strength. It took her last ounce of strength to utter her response. The angel peered into the depths of her soul. Beyond Sarah, beyond all the other names she had ever been called, was this essence, this place where her soul was created. “Your acceptance of the boon has been granted,” the angel whispered softly into her ear. His voice was Sarah’s only connection to the material world.